• Next-Gen Financial Services Platform

    #SaaS #DigitalBanking #Unbanking

  • IOSIS Vision

    Banking is changing

    Consumers want traditional bank accounts,

    digital asset management, and direct payments integrated.

    Global Innovation

    In Emerging Markets

    Our goal is to work with the brightest emerging financial enterprises to awaken innovation across the region and around the world.


    To Solve Social Challenges

    We work with implementation and technology partners strategically aligned in vision and customer-centric focus.

  • Team

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion. 

    Our team works from our distributed global offices.

    James Wagner


    • Architected the SOV, the sovereign currency
      of the Marshall Islands

    • Architected the distributed compute systems for F0CAL

    • MIT, SB in Mathematics

    Timothy Chung


    • Distributed Infrastructure and Machine Learning

    • Cambridge University

    • Columbia University

    • Instabase

    • A16Z

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  • we're hiring!


    • Cloud-native microservices architecture, integrated with a private blockchain, customizable with smart contracts
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    Business Development

    • New kinds of banking licenses are being issued around the world. Come be at the forefront.
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